Minstrel Job Change Quest

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Minstrel Job Change Quest

Post  Cjhay™ on Sun May 19, 2013 3:47 pm

1. The Bard or Clown with base level 99 and job level 50 and above proceed to (Alberta)

2. Talk with a Bard which is (alberta196 133) for the story of Minstrel Song.

3. Karian tell player to go prontera to get more information for Minstrel Song.

4. Woman will tell you to find a man near a castle gate...

5. Glasses-wearer tells you to find a woman near a tool store.

6. She says that the Minstrel Song is like her young master, when you get all the information, go back to Albertato find Karian.

7. Karian hopes that, you can travel with him, to find out Minstrel Song.

8. But Karian was sick when he taking airplane, he tells you to get information for the Minstrel Song at the pub.
9. Tone-deaf man know about the song of Minstrel Song, player go back to tell karian for the information of Minstrel Song

9.5 Talk to "Karian" inside hugel hu_in01 264, 8.

10. From tone-deaf man's information, he suggests player to go ThanatosTower.

11. Player will get a receipt from the store, player need to find Manager Mr.Click for taking a picture

12. When you receive the picture of Minstrel Song, you need to catch 33 Teddy Bears for the little girl

13. Follow the little girl suggests, player have to go ice cave do find out Minstrel Song
14. A old Woman will save you at the ice cave

15. The old Woman tell you that Minstrel Song was going to comodo,karian suggests to go comodo to find Minstrel Song

16. When you reach comodo, you can ask the information from the people of the village

17. The Man suggests player to find the woman roasting meat

18. The Roasting woman tells that, Minstrel Song gone to the mysterious building in the southern Morocc.

19. Player get a paper from the sands, suddenly karian wants to go to Aldebaran

20. Karian want player to go back to prontera (front of the Southern Gate).

21. Karian will sing a song for you, and bring you to a Hidden place

22. Finally Karian will tell you the true and help you change the


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