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Wanderer Job Change Quest

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Wanderer Job Change Quest Empty Wanderer Job Change Quest

Post  Cjhay™ Sun May 19, 2013 2:09 am

Ragnarok Wanderer Job Change Quest Requirements
Base Level 99 Dancer or Gypsy
Job Level 50 Dancer
Job Level 60 Gypsy
Ragnarok Wanderer Job Change Quest Rewards
Job Change to Wanderer
1 Dying Swan [1] – LUK + 1, INT + 1, MDEF + 5. Ranged Attack Damage + 5%. Swing Dance and Symphony of Lovers SP cost – 10%. Headgear (Upper) / 12 Def / 10 Weight
1 Green Apple Ring
Ragnarok Wanderer Job Change Quest
The Wanderer Job Change Quest is easy. The challenging part of this Wanderer Ragnarok Quest is killing those Yellow Novos, but it’s fun though. With just the right amount of pots and spirit, you would be able to finish this quest. Also, i find the Ragnarok Wanderer Job Change Quest cute because there’s a performance in Lutie at the end of it. Also, your name would be announce throughout the whole Lutie town.
Ragnarok Wanderer Job Change Quest
1. Start the Wanderer Job Change Quest by speaking with the Aspiring Wanderers (xmas 161, 209) named Soy and Mimi in Lutie. They will introduce you to the best wanderer in the world which is Kim. Ask them Where is the performance.

How to go to Lutie – From Alde Baran

2. You can find the Performance Manager (lutie 132, 143) near the Christmas tree. Talk to him and he secretly informsyou that he has a huge problem as Dancer Kim has quit and decided to disband the group. Just enter anything when he asks you a question. Agree to find and inform the Ministrel Guitar Song.

3. You can find the Ministrel Guitar Song on the top floor of Comodo Casino. He is the Cheerless Minstrel (comodo 139, 86). You do not need to go inside the casino, you will be able to reach him if you walk near the entrance of the casino. Answer That’s a weird song and ask him Where is Dancer Kim. He would hesitate to tell you the story, but talk to him again and use Kiss of Fortune. You will then learn from him that Kim might be in Hugel. If you have not learned Lady Luck, selecting “Scream” has a low chance to advance the quest.

4. Board the airship in Juno and go to Hugel. Find Kim inside the a house in Hugel town(hugel 153, 149). She is the Vacant Looking Lady. You will learn the story from her why she left. Cheer her up and tell her not to give up. Agree to work with her and she will ask you to meet her up in Abyss Lake.

5. Go to Hugel field 5. Make Hugel your save point first as you may die in the next part of the quest. Carry some potions as well. From Hugel town, exit the south portal and go left. You will find Dancer Kim(hu_fild05 342, 130) right away as soon as you enter the map. She will challenge you to defeat 50 Novus within 10 minutes.

6. Kill 50 yellow novus. The best arrow to use is Oridecon arrow. While killing the novus, you would be able to read Dancer Kim challenging you. Also, do not worry about your kill count as you may be able to read it on your chat bar.

7. Upon killing 50 yellow novus, speak with Dancer Kim again in hu_fild05 and she is inspired to dance again. She asks you to inform her partner Ministrel Guitar Song in Comodo.
8. Go to Comodo and speak with Ministrel Guitar Song. Tell him that the show is now pushing through.
8. Head back to Lutie and walk near the Christmas tree. Dancer Kim and Ministrel Guitar Song and also some audience will appear. Speak with Dancer Kim and the show starts. At the end of the show, Dancer Kim will turn you into a Wanderer and introduce you throughout Lutie. You will receive 1 Dying Swan [1] that you can wear when you turn base level 100 and 1 Green Apple Ring as part of Ragnarok Wanderer Job Change Quest rewards. The show ends and the performers will disappear.

My sezzy Wanderer in Prontera with the Dying Swan [1] equipped.

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