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Shadow Chaser Job Change Quest

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Shadow Chaser Job Change Quest Empty Shadow Chaser Job Change Quest

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Ragnarok Shadow Chaser Job Change Quest Level Requirements
Base Level 99 Rogue Or Stalker
Job Level 50 Rogue
Job Level 60 Stalker
Ragnarok Shadow Chaser Job Change Quest Prerequisite
Turtle Island Quest
Ragnarok Shadow Chaser Job Change Quest Rewards
1 Shadow Handicraft [1] – INT + 1, AGI + 1, MDEF + 1. If user has 120 base AGI, ATK + 10, FLEE + 3. Class : Headgear Defense : 12 Equipped on : Upper Weight : 10 Required Level : 100
1 Green Apple Ring
1 Makeover Brush
1 Paint Brush
Ragnarok Shadow Chaser Job Change Quest Guide
The Ragnarok Shadow Chaser Job Change Quest is one of the toughest quest as you have to kill 3 monsters. Killing them is easy, but finding them is hard. What makes it harder is there are only one of a kind of these shadow chaser quest monsters. What if there are 10-50 players who is doing the shadow chaser quest? Also, what makes the Shadow Chaser Job Change Quest harder is the encrypted message that you have to figure out, but I got that covered for you.
Ragnarok Shadow Chaser Job Change Quest
1. Start the Shadow Chaser quest in Morroc. Speak with a Girl (morroc 156, 70) and he will tell you about the Shadow Chasers.
2. Head over to the Rogue guild (cmd_fild07 196, 117) and speak with the Scary Man (in_rogue 379, 101) downstairs. He invites you to seek treasures. He will teach you how to decrypt a message.

He gives you the following code to translate:- which means shadow atelier in prontera. In some server the code he gives you is shadow workshop in prontera.

Rogue Guild in Comodo (Morocc -> Comodo Beach Pracos)

3. The hidden code leads you to a Prontera building (prontera 269, 110) Head to the second floor and speak with the manager.

Show the deciphered code and enter the decrypted code.

He then introduced himself to you and asks you to find a treasure. Give it a try and he’ll give you another encrypted code which translate to blue fire in turtle island third floor or in some server blue fire on turtle island third floor
How to decrypt the code
A equals to 1, B equals to 2, C equals to 3 and so forth. The key means the number to be subtracted in order to get the right letter.

4. Bring some potions with you. Make sure you have finished the Turtle Island Quest then ride your way to Turtle Island 3. The blue flame(tur_dun03 38,208) is in the upper left part of the map. Enter the deciphered code and it needs you to kill the Shadow of Deception.

5. The shadow of deception is in the same map but there is only one of it. It looks like a Wind Ghost. It doesn’t hit that much but it has a very high hp. Because of the aggressive monsters, it would be wise to lure it in a corner. Also, the hide skill works wonders on this part to hide from the turtles.

6. Upon killing the monster, return to the blue flame and you will be automatically warped in a secret room.

7. Continue the Shadow Chaser Quest by clicking on the shell and choose either option. You uncover the words DECEIVE, followed by a number key, and finally, a combination of letters. Click on next and the word honesty is shown and you need to input some code. When you enter the correct answer, the box opens and there is a small key inside. You get the key of Deception

Key Result


8. Click on the Blue Flame again and choose Go outside to exit, you will be warped back to Turtle Island Dungeon 3

9. Go back to the Manager in Prontera and show him the key but he can’t figure it out. He tells you that there is more galleries of this one in Juno and Rachel. He suggests that you checked on the Rachel gallery.

10. Enter the building in Rachel(rachel 180, 118) and walk downstairs. Speak with the Manager(ra_in 168, 65) at the basement and tell him you were sent by Graham. Paul solved the code and show you the codes. Tell him I have no clue, then answer Yes. The Manager will explain you the clue and the clue leads to Ice Dungeon and Lighthalzen. He will then give you a code in the end. This code might change if you talk to the Manager again. Make Rachel as your save point area as you have to go back here.

11. The first set of code is [ R-E-N-N-N-D ]. This means from Rachel, go east then 3 north and you shall reach the Ice Dungeon. Head over to Ice Dungeon 2.

12. Find the Red Flame(ice_dun02 206, 223) in the northwest area. Click on it and it shall challenge you to hunt for shadow of delusion.

13. The Shadow of Delusion/Illusion looks like a Skogul, but with high HP. There are a lot of aggressive monsters in the dungeon, so lure it into a corner. Also, there is only one Shadow of Delusion in the map for the Shadow Job Change Quest

14. Upon killing the Shadow of Illusion, click on the Red Flame and you will be automatically warped in a secret room.

15. Click the box at the center o the room, and it will ask you to enter a number. This is based on the last code the manager in Rachel gave you. Upon entering the correct number, you shall receive the Key of Illusion. Clicking Next will lead you back to the Ice Dungeon 2.

* COLD = 13 34 31 14 = 1+3+3+4+3+1+1+4 = 20
* FOOT = 21 34 34 44 = 2+1+3+4+3+4+4+4 = 25
* SEED = 43 15 15 14 = 4+3+1+5+1+5+1+4 = 24

16. Go back to the Manager in Rachel to continue that Ragnarok Shadow Chaser Quest and tell him you found a key. The Manager tells you to request an assistance from a young guy in Juno named Haled. If he does not want to participate, tell him I know what you did last summer!

17. Enter the building (yuno 275, 67) in the southeast of Juno. Proceed to the basement and speak with the Manager Haled(yuno_in 167,129) Tell him I know what you did last summer! He will give you assistance and he will give you a poem that will lead you towards Nifflheim. Make Juno your savepoint.

The building

18.Go to Nifflheim (Morroc ->Comodo ->Umbala -> exit the North Portal) and find the Red Flame (231, 275) It is under a hut so it would be obscure from your view. Click on it and it will ask you to handle the Shadow of Pleasure

19. The next task in the Ragnarok Shadow Chaser Job Change is to find the Shadow of Pleasure within the map. It is a Sucubus but with high HP and kill it.

20.Upon killing the Shadow of Pleasure, go back to the Red Flame, and click on the box at the center. The box will say some numbers which translates to TURN AND SHAKE. Then you will be given a series of options. Choose the option turn the house and then, roll it to upside down. You will get the Key of Gaiety. Click on the box again to go out.

21. Go back to Haled in Juno to continue the Shadow Chaser Job Change Quest and show him your three keys. He tells you to go to Lighthalzen with the keys.

22. Head over the Shadow Guild in Lighthalzen (lighthalzen 41, 55) and speak with the manager Vicente. Show him the three keys and he leads you to the Thanatos tower.

23. From Yuno, go to the Thanatos Tower and head over the center portal (tha_t01 149, 224) of the spiral cases at the north part of the map.

How to go to Thanatos Tower

24. You will be warped in a secret room. Click on the statue at the center and you shall receive A Master’s Brush.

25. Head back to Vicente to Lighthalzen and hand over the brush. You can choose any of the options. You are mad that you only got a master’s brush but Vicente tells you that this is worth something. He asksfor you t go inside with him with the man who has been looking for this brush for a long time

26. Go upstairs and speak with Dumk (70, 66). He will tell you about the importance of this brush. Tell him you found it with your friends and finally ask him to change you into a shadow chaser. Congratulations! You are now a Ragnarok Shadow Chaser. You shall receive 1 Shadow Handicraft [1], 1 Green Apple Ring, and 1 Paint Brush as your Ragnarok Shadow Chaser Quest rewards. You will keep the master brush as well.

I leveled up in Lighathalzen so I could wear the Shadow Handicraft – cute!

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