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Geneticist Job Change Quest

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Geneticist Job Change Quest Empty Geneticist Job Change Quest

Post  Cjhay™ Sun May 19, 2013 1:59 am

Ragnarok Geneticist Job Change Quest Level Requirements
Base Level 99 Alchemist or Biochemist
Job Level 50 Alchemist
Job Level 60 Biochemist
Ragnarok Geneticist Job Change Quest Rewards
1 Midas Whisper
1 Green Apple Ring
Job Change to Geneticist
Ragnarok Geneticist Job Change Quest Guide
The Ragnarok Geneticist Job Change Quest is easy and fun to do. The Geneticist Quest mostly all happens in Lighthalzen. Before doing the Genetics Quest, it would be nice if you have a Cart Revolution skill. Also, make sure you have done the Biochemist study course quests for alchemist and biochemist prior on doing this quest, as you won’t be able to do them again. Bring some healing potions and sp potions as you have to battle a mob of Poison Spores in a mini arena.
Ragnarok Geneticist Job Change Quest
1. Start the Genetics Job Change Quest in the Alchemist Guild in Al de Baran. Go inside and speak with the Alchemist Union Member(alde_alche 35,185) on the first floor. Choose Meet a Geneticist and he will direct you to Lighthalzen.

2. Board the Juno airship and head over to the Geneticist Guild (lighthalzen 54 132) in Lighthalzen and speak with Devries (job3_gen01 25,58) inside. Tell him you are also from Rune Midgarts. Suddenly, you are interrupted with noise upstairs and he will be stressed out. The only thing you can do to calm him down is to bring him some cookies

3. Head upstairs and on the northern part of the room, click on the Delivery Box (job3_gen01 81,72) and choose Open the box and Take a cookie.

4. Go back downstairs and hand Devries a cookie and tell him you want to be a geneticist. Talk to him until he asks you to conduct experiments on plants.
5. Click on the cabinet and read the Plant guide. It’s a short read and it would be nice to read them all but you only need to read the Plant option.

6. Acquire all the plants on the first floor as an ingredient.
1. Bigibigigrass (job3_gen01 36 55)

2. Muka Tree (job3_gen01 36 45)

3. Boga Vine (job3_gen01 42 55)

4. Aolatura (job3_gen01 30 58)

5. Congra (job3_gen01 30 63)

6. Sticky Grass (job3_gen01 32 38)

7. Head over to the Testing Table to conduct an experiment. The following are the correct choices but they show up in random and may appear repeatedly. Choose whatever seed type and you shall receive a Seed for Experiment. The seed may be a good seed or a bad seed.

1. Crush
2. Heat
3. Put it into a Testing Flask and Shake
4. Dip in distilled Water
5. Inject it into a Testing Seed
A picture of a bad seed. If you get a bad seed, you still need to speak with Devries

A picture of a good seed.

8. Give the seed to Devries and he will experiment on it. If you fail, you have to repeat from step 6. If you succeed, he will recommend you to the Alchemist Union Member but it will take some time so he’ll ask you to meet Demi Calberine instead.
9. Upstairs, talk to Demi Calberine (job3_gen01 91,48). She seeks your help of finding some parts for the ordered mini canon that needs to be delivered that day. She needs 10 of them

10. Click on any of the Scattered Parts all over the second floor until you get 10 parts. There are 6 locations of the scattered parts, all in the second floor. When you get 10 of them (it will not appear on the inventory) you’ll get the message I think i’ve gathered all the parts.
Design in front of Demi

Barrel near the desk

Table below Demi

Wagon near the stairs

Canon near the stairs

Books at the southern part of the second floor

11. Give the parts to Demi Calberine and she will show you a good training spot for the mini canon (Cart Revolution). She will then warp you with the Poison spores cage on the first floor.
12. Kill 100 Poison Spores. If you die or exit the pen, you can talk with Demi Calberine again to enter the cage. It is not necessary to use the Cart Revolution skill.

13. Once you killed 100 poison spores, click on the warning sign (job3_gen01 18 39) to exit the cage.

14. Remove your cart as you are about done in the Genetics Job Change Quest. Speak with Devries until a response from the Alchemist Union Member has arrived. After reading the letter, he will change you into a Ragnarok Geneticist. Congratulations! You get 1 Midas Whisper which you can wear if you turn base level 100 and a Green Apple Ring

My Geneticist at 100 with my Midas Whisper [1]

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