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Rune Knight Job Change Quest

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Rune Knight Job Change Quest Empty Rune Knight Job Change Quest

Post  Cjhay™ Sun May 19, 2013 2:14 am

Ragnarok Rune Knight Job Change Quest Requirements
Base Level 99 Knight or Lord Knight
Job Level 50 Knight
Job Level 60 Lord Knight
Ragnarok Rune Knight Job Change Quest Rewards
Job Change to Rune Knight
1 Rune Circlet [1] – STR + 1, INT + 1, MDEF + 5. If user has 120 base STR, ATK + 10, MATK + 5. Headgear (Upper) / 12 Def / 10 Weight / Req Lv 100 / Rune Knight Exclusive
1 Rune Plate – Weight: 0, Req Level 99, Defense: 95
1 Green Apple Ring – accessory that does nothing
Ragnarok Rune Knight Job Change Quest
The Ragnarok Rune Knight Job Change Quest is one fun and challenging Ragnarok Quest. The objective of rune knight job change quest is to introduce you to runes and magic. You need to learn about the 20 Runes – which is lot to remember. But fear not! The Ragnarok Rune Knight guide is here. The secret in the rune knight job change quest is pots, bring a lot of pots. Also, you will discover the secret gathering place of Rune Knights inside the Glast Heim castle.
Ragnarok Rune Knight Job Change Quest
1. Start the Rune Knight Job Change Quest in Prontera pub and speak with the Splendid Lookin Knight (prt_in 164, 23). Agree to have a drink with him and tell him that you are ready to become a Rune Knight. He will direct you to Glast Heim where a Rune Knight is waiting for you.

2. Go to Glast Heim, and at the left side of the map, you shall find Jungberg (glast_01 43, 361). Tell him you came as a Rune Knight. Your first assignment is to find the secret gathering place hidden inside the Glast Heim.

3. The secret gathering place is in level 2 of glast heim chivalry. Enter the Glast Heim Chivalry and speak with the Rune Knight staff (gl_knt02 144, 53). He will automatically warp you inside the gathering place. You can use the ff guide on How to go to Glast Heim Chivalry 2

4. Speak with the Rune Knight Captain(81, 60) and he directs you to Lunarea.

5. Speak with Rune Knight Lunarea (89, 50) and she will give you your first test. Do not start the test right away. The secret gathering place has its own kafra. Restock your pots as you will fight monsters for about 5 minutes. Talk to Lunarea when you are ready.

6. You will be warped in the test field. Monsters such as Raydrics, Raydric Archers, Rideword, Rybio and Phendark will appear and there are about 2-4 of them every time. Sometimes 4 Rune Knights will appear, choose only one among them and he or she shall give you a random buff. It can be a harmful buff or not, it is a matter of luck. I got a heal, agility up, stun and cursed. So it would be wise to bring a Green Potion, Royal Jelly as well. I think the sequence was,Raydrics & Raydric Archers, Rideword, then Rybio & Phendark, back to Radrics & Raydric Archers again and so on.

7. After successfully killing all the monsters, you will be warped back to the secret area. Speak with Lunarea again and she says you passed.
8. Speak with Rune Knight Captain again, and he will direct you to the west side of the room
9. In the west side of the room, you will find another Rune Knight named Renoa. She will ask you to read three books about Runes and Rune Knight.

10. Take your time to read the books, you do not have to memorize anything as I already have the guide here for the next test but it would help you to understand what Rune Knights are. The books are Runes and Rune Knights

The Principles of Runes

and The Making and Use of Runes.

11. After reading the book, speak with Reona and she will mention about Beljeve, the leader of Rune Knights who is known to have been in touch with the fairies. For the second test, you need to visit one of the Laphine magical scholars named Serpeone in Ash Vacuum. If you are prepared, speak with Reona again and she will directly warp you to Ash Vacuum.
12. You will be automatially warped near Sage Serpeone, she will ask you to gather magical energy by killing 10 Dullahan, 10 Disguise, 10 Quve, and 10 Hylozoist.

13. Use a Butterfly wing to go back to your save point, and navigate your war to Umbala. From Morocc, take Comodo, them Umbala and exit the top portal. The best place to kill the assigned 40 monsters is in nif_fild01. Hylozoist is the toughest monster to find.

You will keep track of your killing through a counter on your chat bar or you could check on your quest window (Alt + U)

14. After killing the 40 monsters, you can go back to Ash Vacuum by asking Renoa again in the secret gathering place of Rune Knight.
15. Tell Sage Serpeone that you have gathered enough energy. Talk to her again and ask her to warp to the gathering place, tell her you want you go back now and you will be back in Glast Heim
16. Speak with Renoa again and she will give you another test of making 20 Rune Stones.
17. Click the Rune Furnace beside her and start making Rune Stones. Choose Use the rune heating surface and a random rune stone description will appear. You have to guess what Rune Stone it is. You must key in the Rune Stone’s name with the first name capitalized. The Rune Stone that you make is random, meaning that you may make the same rune stones a number of times.

Rune Stones answer sheet

Ehwaz – Red Spiral
Osilia – Violet oblique line
Mannaz – Emerald diamond
Ansuz – Emerald round
Hagalas – Skyblue star
Kano – Red diamond
Rhydo – Skyblue oblique line
Turisus – Yellow round
Dagaz – Emerald spiral
Sowilo – Skyblue fan
Laguz – Yellow diamond
Isia – Violet spiral or Violet slant
Pertz – Silver spiral
Verkana – Gold star
Gebo – Yellow cone
Algiz – Emerald oblique line
Ehwaz – Gray diamond
Teiwaz – Gold round
Wunjo – Emerald star
Jera – Yellow round
Nosiege – Yellow fan-shape
Ingz – Violet diamond
Fehu – Silver round
Urj – Violet oblique line
If you want to check the number of Rune Stone that you have already made, consult with Renoa.

18. Tell Reona if you have made 20 Rune Stones, he will direct you to the Rune Knight Captain again. The Ragnarok Rune Knight Job Change Test is almost over.
19. Speak with the Rune Knight captain and he will direct you to Rune Knight Velpino in the east room for your last test.
20. Have a chat with Rune Knight Velpino for your last test. You have to get rid of 1 Ogretooth , 1 Executioner , and 1 Mysteltainn using the Rune Stones you made on the previous test. The weapon that you could use should be below 400. He will ask you to unequip all your gears except your weapon.

21. There is a kafra in the gathering place where you could get rid of your other stuffs. Just leave your weapon. You can carry potions. 50-60 Slim White Potions or Mastela will do as long as the weight of your character is less than 400

22. Speak with Velpino again and he will provide you with 30 Pertz Runestone for Apprentice and 30 Verkana Runestone for Apprentice. When you are ready, Enter the final test field.
23. The monsters would spawn one after another. Verkana Runestone for Apprentice activates Millenium Shield which adds Int + 2 for about 3 minutes. The Pertz Stone for Apprentice activates Storm Blast which damages the enemy. It would be wise to activate the Millenium Shield upon entering the test area. If you ran out of Pertz Stone, you can fight the monster in a combat battle. Consume all your Pertz Stone for Apprentice. There might be a few Verkana Runestone for Apprentice that would be left. After killing the three monsters, you will be automatically warped back to the gathering place

Millenium Shield

24. Speak with Velpino and he will take away the Runestone left in your inventory. Speak with him again until he directs you to the Rune Knight Captain.
25. Speak with Captain Tigris and he will evaluate your results from Lunarea, Renoa and Velpino. You passed and he will ask you to get rid of your Peco Peco. Speak with him once more and tell him Every preparation is done. He will change your job into a Rune Knight and gives you 1 Green Apple Ring, 1 Rune Circlet [1]. Speak with him again to get a 1 Rune Plate. Congratulations for finishing the Ragnarok Rue Knight Job Change Quest! Rune Knights look weird, haha!

My Rune Knight in Prontera with my Dragon. You have to level to 100 to wear the Rune Circlet [1] though.

Where to borrow Dragon -

Guide Link :


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